Let’s be honest here!

We continuously get caught up in negative thoughts, being fully aware that it only depletes you of energy and prevents you from living in the present moment.

How often do fall prey to your negative thought patterns?

It habitually starts with a small thought that rapidly…

“Opposites attract” is not always true. Many times we are attracted to people who act and feel the same ways we do. That’s not always a good thing. Unless you do a vigorous self-evaluation, you will continuously be attracted to people who have the same character ‘faults’ as you. …

We are addicted to thought and thoughts can create not only a toxic mind but a toxic body. A juice detox or liver detox cannot fix the toxic body, contrary to popular belief. The only solution that can cleanse a toxic body thoroughly is a thought detox.

We can achieve…

Angela Carter

Angela Carter, Phenomenal Therapist, Mindfulness Practitioner & Intuitive Coach — A Disruptor Of The Status Quo

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